How to display URL link with parameters as text

I have a workflow to send a text message using Twilio. In the text message, I have a URL link with parameters, but I need it to be displayed as a text, not the web address. I’m using this, but it is showing the full web address and parameters in the text, not just Your Estimate.

[]Your Estimate[/url]

Thanks in advance…

You can use HTML code to display the text as you want. Replace the URL in your code above with the HTML code below:
Your Estimate

Thank you, but the HTML code you provided is not showing.

Your Estimate

Maybe like this:

Thanks for the reply, but it’s still not working. The link works in the text message but shows the entire URL, including the parameters, brackets, and parentheses.

Maybe not possible…

You can try link shortening. Messaging Services | Twilio

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