How to display user choice from search box in a RepeatingGroup?

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m working on a private message functionnality.
I have created a search box to allow member to search for users in databased and that display results that match the input.

The next step would be to allow the current user to select another user in the search box result to create a new line with the user pseudo and image in the section “My chats”. Ultimately, this line will allow user to continue or start a conversation with the related other user.

For now, when i select a user it seems to save the data of all results (Senydampf and Senyd in my case) and not just the one selected and doesn’t display the image and pseudo selected, but some weird text information. Does someone has an idea of how to fix that ? :thinking:

Here some more info about the workflow and repeating group

Thank you by advance, have a nice week-end

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Looks like you are searching for a list of conversations and are not making use of the search box value at all to create a new conversation if one doesn’t exist already.

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