How to do a search for with sub tables

I am considering ‘tables’ that limit (filter) the selection range of child categories according to the selection values of the parent category.

I succeeded in specifying the selection range of the button ‘2nd Ctgr name’ according to the selection value of the (dropdown) button ‘1st Ctgr name’ as shown below.

To apply this to a table in a similar way, I am trying to insert a sub table (2nd Ctgr) into the table (1st Ctgr. Column B) and form a sub table according to the current row value of the parent table. I am looking for a solution.

When dealing with tables, when specifying the Data Source of a child table, you cannot find the text object (Current row’s DB category’s Ctgr Name) of the parent table that can form a comparison sentence after do a search for.

Nested RG can’t reference parent cell by default. Wrap your nested RG into a Group A, assign data source for Group A Current cell's thing. Now you’ll be able to reference Group’s A parent thing In your nested RG.

Thank’s for your help !