How to do calculations on input data using parentheses

I am a relatively new user to bubble so I apologize for this basic question.
I have three numerical variables saved in a database table.

I want to do a basic calculation on the three variables and save it to a different database table.

The excel formula looks like this:

= ONE + TWO -IF( THREE >= 70, THREE-70, 0)

Basically the formula is add ONE and TWO and Only Subtract THREE (difference of value of THREE and 70) if THREE is above or Equal 70.

Appreciate any help.

Managed to solve this by installing Instant Calculator Plugin.

The expression used is One+Two+(Three>70?Three-70:0)

Replace One TWO and Three with dynamic variables as needed.

I would use conditionals If you’re doing the calculations on page. Here’s an example taking into consideration the greater than or equal to:

If you’re doing it on the backend, I’d use the ‘Only when’ option. Here’s similar setup to give you an idea. (disregard the :first item’s part as our app using lists.)