How to do perfect 404, individual category, DNS?


current project is about allowing my each customer create own mini shop at my system, i am facing few difficulties with what i need help

  1. page like

after customer registers at my system he can write custom name at profile settings, until that it looks like

and it looks like working, but if you go to URL and type + “anything else” it still opens shop of customer not 404 page,

so i want to display 404 when shop link is writen not 100% correct

teoritically i understand that i should write somekind of rule for “customer-shop-name” at navigation workflow, but don’t understand the logic, please help me with that

  1. i have add item page, where customer can add their own producs
    here i am facing promblem of building logic of individual category for each mini-shop

should it look like Current page users category? and it should be dropdown or multiple input?

  1. i found DNS plugin, does someone know if it’s possible to NS forward for example to my

that it would open on index page?