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How to do string concatenation?

I have a text element with content that I want to concatenate to the contents of an input box. How do I do that?

Do you mean that you want to update the content of the text element with the content of the input? Or do you want the content of the text input to contain both? Or third, to concatenate them in a field in the database?

1) Update text element
To update the text element, you just give it an initial value (Text), let’s say Snow. Then you choose dynamic content, and choose the Input Element’s value.

2)Update input field
This one’s a bit more tricky, as you can’t refer to a text element directly. I’m sure there’s a way around, but I’ll see if thats really what you need first.

3) Database
The principle for saving it to the database would be the same. Initial value + dynamic content.

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Thanks for the reply! Sadly, it is #2 that I am attempting. I’ve manipulated strings a thousand times with Visual Basic, Ruby and Python, but when using these “visual development environments” sometimes simple things are made more difficult. :confused:

The approach I would use is instead of a text box use an input box with a style that uses a text box and input disabled. This way you can concatenate that text into the other input box.


DUH! :slight_smile:

It is a bit clutsy, but using your idea, I replaced the text box with an input box and added a third input box. I concatenate the content of the first two input boxes in the third.

I’ll use that until I find a better (less clutsy) solution.



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