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How To Do This Horizontal Image Slider/Repeating Group? Bigger center image/cell, partially hidden left and right image/cell

The centered/currently-focused image or cell is slightly bigger than the others.

How to do this? Any help is appreciated ! Thank you.

@shawnmi6 do you have any idea can help me?

You can maybe try adding a top/bottom border with the opacity set to 0% and play around with the width size. Then add a conditional rule - When the current index is the visible index then make top/bottom border width = 0

Okay I think I can play around with the border and width, but couldn’t get the condition “current index is the visible index”. How I do this?

I am away from a :computer: but if that’s not a option then the only to achieve that effect is with some custom JavaScript

Check this out - Swiper demo

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