How to dynamically add input data to database


I need some help - all I want to do is dynamically add IDs to my the ID field in my DirectReports table. You can find my Editor here: Frend ADHD | Bubble Editor

Also, for some reason the input box won’t appear in preview mode.

Would love some help/advice.


Hey Jack, how are you?

Are you just wanting to create a list of ID’s and then save them to this workflow?

Hey Pattokane,

Yes that right - basically need to add in new ChildIDs. So they could be TW12, THY#45, etc.

I currently don’t have the option to add these in as a thing though. Not sure why.

Do you have time for me to show you?

Instead of numbers make a custom state for a list of texts. When they click add set the value to the same custom state:plus item Input's value, then reset the input.

When they hit submit do ChildIDs set list custom state's value

Make the RG type text and datasource the custom state

Hey, yes I have time thanks.

Currently looking into Tyler’s solutions now too

I will send you a google meets in like 10 mins

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You are such a legend Patto. Really appreciate your help! Chat soon

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