How to easily and cheaply create a mobile (webview) app

have you been able to make the picture upload function work faster on mobile? i have been stuck with developing my app because the picture uploader is very slow to load the photo on android (have not tried it on apple)

Thank you very much for the comments and answers. This topic is very relevant to me, I found a lot of interesting things for myself.


I`m extremely thankful for you to share such a information. Thank you so much for the best information that i came throughout the day

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i would like to thank you very much for your participation and providing this information i have tried both of webview and both works great.
Specially the camera works great with bubble upload image

i do have question though in android how do disable app from pull to refresh. i have added Refresh button.

second question how do i hide the default warnings in language tab from appearing in android the warning is something like this " The page at “https:// the rest of link” says: … i wanted to be more natural like ordinary popup or alert. i tried to figure out how to create my own alerts instead of default ones.

Have you tried video capture as well?

I’m still in the process of figuring out why the camera works, but video capture doesn’t in webview.

@remko.mooi, Can you confirm video capture works with the wrapper you used? I use another wrapper from codecanyon (the superviewone) and apparently it is an issue.

@remko.mooi is it possible to apply additional APIS to the webview templates once in XCode or Android Studio?

Few days ago i submitted my app to play store unfortunately they have suspended my app. I had to appeal to Google and proof that this website that i am viewing in app webviee belong to me or that i own it. So evidence like screenshot from domain control panel and bubble edit control panel. That’s supposedly thr proof. This for your information.

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To use these Web Wrappers does our app have to be a single page app (made up of groups) or can it be a multi-page app?

Thank you @remko.mooi

It can be multiple pages(i am sure about) . It has to be single if you will export it through bubble and only IOS. Not for android which option you find in the settings tab.

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How do you export the app from Bubble to iOS or Android? Getting crazy with web wrappers.

I have used superview android and ios ready project you will find
And you will find another one for ios. You have to have xcode installed on your mac and sdk android on your Windows import the project and Change parameters to match with yours url point to your bubble app. Push notifications and app id. The Documents and is really helpful you won’t struggle at all. The camera for photo works as well. You can search fourm here you will find topics talking about these webviews

any way we can check out the app you have published?

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Thank you @solinz, I’ll give it another trial.

Do we have to make to use “This Page is a native app” option for this?

Comments would be appreciated

I don’t think so, I think this setting is for bubbles own take on the iOS app. It doesn’t hurt to keep it on though.

Do we have to develop the web-app within one page? (with show/hide method?)
Could we have it linked between different page when we navigate?

You could navigate between different pages but this will have the app perform like a web page and it will be obvious. This might lead to Apple not accepting your app. they are very picky. The better way is to work with hidden groups.

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I have many pages but every page managed its data within page itself on RG or group i hide and show whatever i required . But of course you will have menu for example if it is restaurant app to go create an account, make orders, receive orders, track delivery of an order every function has page ) it worked for me I have successfully published mine in android and apple store (i had some comments and they rejected first version waited about month to re review my app again. The only thing due to fact that your app is webapp you are flexible to change front interfaces which is not the case when you have build all interfaces with native SDK or Xcode just try to avoid that otherwise if you feel like you want to change how your app looks like make sure to release new version in apple store specially and change images screenshot to match with your bubble web app.

Now that’s concerning. I have built my entire app on single page with several groups in it, and my target market is android. Will I face issues?

Great, i ended up following your solution and bought the universal webview app. The problem im having is still the camera uploader, i followed the link were you put a code to replace but i havnt the slightest idea were exactly in Android studio do i have to paste the code.