How to edit API call object as list element

Hi folks,
I’m trying hard to solve this problem, but after watching several videos and browsing the forum I needed to write this post - looking for some support here.

Here is the setup:

  1. I’m getting data from a rest API
  2. I add the data to a database
  3. I have a detail view for the data
  4. I set up databinding for the main data points, works pretty well
  5. Inside the detail view is a repeating group

Here is my challenge:

  • The repeating group contains this object here:

    in the database it looks like this:
  • I can neither edit the data with autobinding nor via a workflow
  • I would love to just use an input field and onchange the data will be updated, for example the inhabitants number.

I would be very happy to receive help and thank you for your support.
Dan :dotted_line_face: