How to edit default loading/landing page?

Hello fellow Bubblers, this is a n00b question that is a 10 on the n00b scale (with 1 being least n00b)

When we edit a bubble app, the url is something like:

My question is, how do we access/edit the page that is loaded when the browser points to ?

I believe this is the default load page, and apparently I have edited it before, but now I can’t seem to find it again.


Try deploy to live version


Hey @varshneyandson, welcome to Bubble! :smile:

Your app has two versions: development and production (aka test and live)

You only edit the development version. The production is read-only. To publish changes you make in development to production, you need to deploy the app as @anon65040322 mentioned.

You can deploy from your app’s editor > upper right corner > Development > Deployment & version control. This is just like publishing a blog post draft.

Keep in mind, though, that your database is a slightly different story. You also have 2 separate databases for each version. Deploying your app does not also copy your test data to live database. Those stay separate. So, if you create a user in the development version (denoted by “version-test” in the url), that user will not exist in the live version as well.

Whenever you Preview your app from the upper right corner, you’re running that page (viewing as a user) within whichever environment your editor is in. So if you preview while you’re in development, you’ll see “version-test” in the URL. If you preview while you’re in production, you’ll access the live app.

Hope that makes sense!

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Bubble won’t let me deploy because I have 50+ bug fixes (:crying_cat_face: jeepers!) but you got me on the right track.

I totally forgot I could switch to the ‘Live’ version.

Bubble should have a n00b of the year award :trophy: , which would go to me! :rofl:

oh no!

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