How to Efficiently Summarize 50,000 Rows of Data to Show Only Unique Items

I’ve got more than 50,000 rows of data in my database, and what I’m trying to do is pull out only the unique names, which come out to about 800. But here’s the problem: it’s very slow, and I keep running into that “App too busy” issue. Is there an effective method to address this?

API Workflow:

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You could have a 2nd table for this. Unique_records

Add a trigger to your first to add records to the second table if and only if they don’t already exist based on your “uniqueness” criteria


Could you just use the ‘:group by’ operator and then exact match on the name? Should output 800 or so values that you can list.


This works but can definitely be super slow on large amounts of records.

I’ll try this one, thanks.

Haven’t use group by before, I’ll try your suggestion.

Interesting - I figured Bubble would index this aggregate search. Good to know the approach re; second table.