How to eliminate the dotted frame around pushed button?

Hello Bubble community

A quick question, the title says it all. Thanks for any hints :slight_smile: !

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It may be something in your button’s (or button’s style) Conditions.


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Add this to your Script/meta tags in header (Settings -> SEO / Metatags -> Advanced settings)

    * {outline: none !important;}

This will remove it from all elements. You can replace the “*” by css classes / ids to target specific elements.


Brilliant :+1:

Thanks alexander, you nailed it !

Do you have a quick working example page? I just tried this in both Settings as well as on the page (not both at the same time of course), and couldn’t get the outline to go away.

I don’t have one, sorry. Your app is on the personal plan or higher, right? As on the hobby plan it won’t work.

Maybe you can share access?

Ah, duh! I was testing on a Hobby app. Brain melt moment. Thanks for calling that out! This works great :smile:

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