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How to enable a User to create Custom Fields

Hey Bubblers,

I’m building a multi-tenant app. I want to enable each user to create custom fields.

I have a couple of data types but will focus on just two:

  1. List item
  • User Custom Fields
  • Field_label
  • Field_type (contact)
  • Field_value
  • E.t.c…
  1. List item
  • Contacts
  • Related_CustomFieldList (User Custom Field) list :white_check_mark:
  • Contact_Name
  • Contact_Email
  • E.t.c…

I built a UI on the settings section that enables the admin user to create new custom fields. I’m wondering how to properly implement it on:

  1. The list of contacts that the user already has in de DB
  2. Each contact he will be adding in the future.

I have been brainstorming on this topic for the last couple of hours but haven’t come up with a good solution so far. Any help, tips, or tricks would be immensely appreciated!

Thanks in advance ^^

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Please elaborate a little more, do you want to let users create for example new contacts for the other users or smth?

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I got my way around this and found a solution. What I was struggling to achieve is a many-to-many database relation.

  1. I created a “CustomFields” table. - This table contains all attributes needed to create a personalized/custom field by the user.
  2. I created a “Thing_CustomFileds” table. This table filled the gap between my “contacts”, “deals” and “products” tables, and enabled unique custom field values per “thing”.

It’s one of those things that is tricky to explain but makes sense when looking at it.

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