How to encrypt PIN for Stripe Issuing (JWE encryption)

We’re using Stripe Issuing to issue cards that can be used with ATMs. To use these cards with ATMs, Stripe requires our users to set their own 4-digit PIN. This data can not be submitted to Stripe in raw text through their API. Instead, we must encrypt the PIN to Stripe’s public key using JWE encryption.

How do we do that in Bubble?

Not currently supported without server side code - but I have a plugin coming out soon that will let you just do this

Awesome! When can we expect it?

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It’s almost done actually, but there’s a lot of variables I have to consider. Stripe may use one kind of encryption algorithm, while other services such as Plaid might use another. Right now I am using the plugin for securing my Plaid webhook by verifying the JWT they send in the request header, and it’s working perfectly. When I am confident I have covered if not all but most cases I’ll release it!

Hey :smiley:

It’s currently under review by Bubble. It should be out very soon! Tested and works !