How to enter custom CSS styling dynamically

Hi all,

I’m trying to build a single page website builder and I’m trying to build a feature where users can change the styling of different page elements.

I have a datatype called Style which has a text field to save user input css code. Then under User, I have a list of Styles and ChosenStyle.

To test this, I put an HTML element on the page and set its value to the User’s ChosenStyle, which is a Style with css text.

On the page I have a repeating group of User’s Styles and when clicking on a cell, it will set the User’s ChosenStyle, which should update the HTML element’s styling. However this is not happening.

Anyone know how I can achieve this feature of allowing users to set their own styling to page elements?

This is the website One Agent
This is the editor sitebuilder | Bubble Editor

@adamhholmes would you have any pointers for this? Thanks in advance!

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