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How to escape comma for choice options in plugin element field

Some of my choice options in the plugin element field has commas in them.
But bubble uses comma to seperate choice options.
E.g. One of my options is Wednesday , 22 June , 1983.
But if i use the commas the editor will break this into three different options.

I’ve tried the standard comma escapes but to no avail
Does anyone know of how to escape the comma in the bubble plugin editor?

oh i see, you may have to put full stops and have an if statement change them out.

var fixDate;
if ( == “22.01.2017”) {
fixDate = “22,01,2017”;

I want the fix to be applied in the property editor. I currently do the “fixing” even without the commas.
That is, what the user selects should have the commas like what the default date/time picker does.
See below:

i agree with you, it will be hard to sort though, making it work in your case would only catch somebody else on another. even if you choose the character that splits them them regex lines as options is just one thing that wouldn’t work. i guess they would have to go down the line of the the multi picker or something so it captions each choice.