How to evaluate conditional on Current data

I have a database thing called LineItem.
LineItem has a yes/no field called Taxable
The goal is to only calculate the tax on each LineItem if the field is yes and to set the TaxAmount to 0 if the field is no.

Here is a workflow that calculates the tax for a list of LineItems.

Note that the tax rate is set on the parent(Invoice) and then all the LineItem for that Invoice are found through a search.

Any help/pointers, would be greatly appreaciated.

This Item’s Taxable is yes:formatted as text:converted to number

When yes, = tax rate * total
When no, blank/0

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Solve the problem by creating a standalone API Workflow that accepts a LineItem, then search all LineItems, and then schedules API WF on a list with the search result. With this I can evaluate the boolean on each item

I promise the solution above is the right solution as yours is adding unnecessary complexity and obscene WUs but glad you solved it anyway…