How to extract with Regex before grouped by in RG


I have API call which comes with a few results. Example:

Notes Hours
Ticket 1: Feature update 1.00
Ticket 1: Testing 0.30
Ticket 2: Management 1.30
Development on Ticket3: 2.00
Deployment of this week 0.15
I would like to show them in repeating group as a grouped by notes and sum their hours like this:

Notes Hours
Ticket 1 1.30
Ticket 2 1.30
Ticket 3 2.00
Deployment of this week 0.15

Here is what I tried but it did not work so far. I am not using DB. I also tried to use nested groups so I could extract with Regex but it did not work. I extracted with Regex in first RG and trype of content was text so second (nested) RG did not apply grouped by functioned since datasource from parent RG was text.

I am really stucked in this point. I do not want to use DB but I do not think I have any other solution.


Hi guys,

Any thoughts about this?

Hi S,

After some testing I think you are right, without using the DB it will be hard. I tried custom states, formatted as text, tried to create an API with a return data action but that is also text if you want your own custom format so the group by action does not show up.

As a last resort you can use an integration tool like Zapier, Make or N8N. Make a call from Bubble to the integration tool, the integration tool makes the call to the actual API, the API returns the data and the integration tool transforms the data and return the data to Bubble.

Or maybe on of the experts roaming this forum has an idea?

Hi @gerbertdelangen,

I also tried to handle this in workflow but I could not do that. My knowledge is not good enough to carry on work on workflow yet so I am not sure if I am doing correctly. ?

My idea is that if I can manage this operation once I trigger the api, api can return the modified data so I can group them in RG. This is my work around but I am not sure if it is possible. I guess you tried the similar work arounds.