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How to fetch data from pipedrive api to bubble for individual users

Hi, I want to fetch data from Pipedrive to bubble for all the users separately…

I am able to fetch data for my account, but now for others.

The documentation at About the Pipedrive API and Pipedrive API v1 Reference shows you what to do.

For instance the endpoints for activities and deals have a query parameter userid. If you don’t know the userid’s use the api for users first.

Hi, Very thanks for this but I want to automate this process to whoever have signup on my app to pull data. Then every person will have different auth token for pipedrive.
So how to save this data and pass it in api call?

Looking at the documentation:

The API- setup would be similair to this:

Full URL = https://[domain]’[api_token]’&limit=[limit]&userid=[userid]

In the workflow provide the URL-parameters based on the user. You can for instance require them to provide their Pipedrive enviroment-name (Pipedrive company domain) and token during sign up for your app.


Thanks a lot for the help.

But still I am not able to store this data in scripts and retrieve in API connector in bubble.

From where can we get these dataset.

Courses to learn bubble API - #2 by mcllvz will provide you with the info to use api’s.

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Glad that lil list was helpful @gerbertdelangen !

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