How to fill the void

If ever users do not fill in all the information
How to avoid leaving gaps between the different data
Example :
I filled in my name, first name
But not my age
How to make the following data return to the line and not leave a white box which marks the void

I assume you’re talking about when displaying the data on the page - presumably in a text element(s)

Well, it depends on exactly how you’re trying to display things, but probably the easiest way is to use a separate text element for each data point, with a condition to only show that element when the data you’re displaying is not empty (with collapse when hidden set on the element).

Alternatively, you can use a single text element with a series of Yes/No statements, formatted as text - e.g. current User’s age is not empty, then for yes use the current user’s age, and for no just leave it empty.

Super thanks