How to filter a list of dates in a repeater group of different date type

I have a repeater group that shows the available properties with the filters that are in the parameters in the URL, but I also have a data type of the available dates of that property, in the constraints of the repeater group that searches the property with all those constraints that will be in the url, but when I get to the part to put the available dates that are in type list of available dates, I’ve tried everything with the contains, but it never works, and I don’t know what I can do, the data type of the available dates has the field start date and end date and also has the property that is that date, I hope someone understands my doubt and can help me.


Link of editor

Contains would probably never work in your case. Because Propiedade has a list Datas Disponiveis and in order for contains to work, it should find the exact match in the list which I highly suspect you pass an exact Datas Disponiveis instance.

Since Data Disponiveis is a complex structure but not a single date type, you should probably skip it in the Do a search for and do an advanced filtering later based on only this field. In the advanced filter, you can refer any date from the user and check if the user’s selected date falls within any of the available dates.

but how can I do this advanced filter?

If you want to display properties with at least one available date that has the user’s selection, I think it should be something like this:

The outer filter (which you display in your screenshot):

And the inner filter:

Brother, I tried it here and it didn’t work, do you know anything else that can make it work? Thank you very much for your help
I’ll send you the link to the editor

I thought your Propiedade had a list of Datas disponiveis but even if the data type has this list as a field, they are empty. And when I check your Datas disponiveis, I can see you connected them to the Propiedade by using a column like this. This changes the filter.
You should do this then:
In the advanced filter: you should do Do a search for Datas disponiveis (where Propiedade is This Propiedade):filtered: count > 0
The inner filter will be same.

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It worked bro, now it’s perfect! Thank you very much for your help, I hope I’ve learned now haha, really appreciate it