How to filter a repeating group based on input values within each cell?

I have a long repeating group with many rows. Each row has a part number, part name, and an input field for them to enter a number into. The default value for the input field is 0 for all of the rows. Users will be able to enter a number into the input field to indicate the quantity of each part they need. It looks like this:

parts RG

I am using the Orchestra plugin to operate on each cell in the repeating group individually. Everything works well, but the problem is that it iterates through every single row and the table has over 100 rows while users will only need to request 1-5 parts. It takes a long time to complete, forcing users to wait which causes a poor user experience.

I am using backend workflows to create and make changes to my data, but the Orchestra plugin still iterates through every row which is what causes it to take so long.

The solution that I believe would work is for the repeating group to filter onto only the cells with input field values greater than zero once the user is done choosing their part numbers and quantities. Then, the Orchestra plugin would only iterate through a few cells rather than all of them and therefore take almost no time.

Is there a way to achieve this? Essentially, I just need the repeating group to only display cells where the input value was changed by the user to a number greater than zero.

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