How to filter by times (eg. mile times)

I’m trying to create a way for runners to upload their mile times and have a searchable directory of miles times. There are two ways I’ve considered going about this:

  1. Entering mile times in seconds which will work but it’s as useful to the user. For example, if you ran a 4:48 mile but you saw that you ran a mile in 288 seconds, that doesn’t mean anything to most people unless I can convert this to show mm:ss on the display but I can’t figure this out either
  2. Entering mile times as a date / time value. In theory this makes sense in my head but the filter is not working (see picture for reference) and I’m not sure if this will be impacted by different timezones or have other complications

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Can you have them input the time into two separate inputs, then combine the inputs into a data field?

So one input would be minutes, the other would be seconds

Then on your workflows, wherever you save the time, you’d combine inputs minutes and seconds?

Let me know,


Hi Tal, thanks for the help! I initially thought 2 separate inputs would work too but if I wanted to search mile times between 4:50 and 5:10 - I’m not sure if it would work if there were separate filters for 4-5 minutes and 50 - 10 seconds. Is there a smarter way to approach this that you’re thinking of than I am thinking of?

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