How to filter on the main page based on a dropdown in a reusable element


I have a search / filter bar in my header. The header is a reusable element. I want to filter things on the main page, like constraining a repeating group based on what is selected in the filter bar that sits in the reusable element. However, when I go to e.g. the repeating group on the main page, I cannot find the names of any of the drop-downs in the reusable element.

Is there a way to do this?

See UI below with the header and search bar opened>

Please check if there are any conditional visibility?
Dropdown is pulling dynamic data?
Can you please share screenshots of the setup if possible.

Hi @kazimdgoni , thanks for the reply!

There is conditional visibility for the parts of the page where the different drop-downs I want to filter by are in.

The dropdowns I want to filter by are stored in the group Search Bar detailed:

This group is not visible on page load, and is collapsed when hidden:

It opens up when a user clicks on the top bar, and closes down again when the user re-clicks on the top bar:

The dropdowns are pulling static data:


I’ve filtered by these dropdowns before when I had the header as a group on the specific where the repeating group I wanted to filter for was. I then made the header a reusable element instead, and am now not able to find the drop-downs in the repeating group I want to filter:

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