How to filter out a date/time when the time is 00:00:00

Hey there!

I’m looking for a way to filter out all things that have a date/time property with hour = 0, minutes = 0, seconds = 0, no matter what date is it.

Any ideas?

I’ve tried using :filtered option with the arbitrary date/time filtering, but it requires a specific date as far as I understand how this function works.

Theoretically I would want to filter out all things that their date/time property is different than their date/time property when it is rounded down to day. But I do not know how/where to do it

Would love some help with this one


:extract those components of the date. Check if they are zero.

I’m kinda new here… how can I do that?

I try to do this filtering in a bar chart Data source option. In the Search for area I can’t extract date/time parts of the thing’s date/time field. Where can I extract in the way you suggested?

You won’t do the filtering via criteria in your Search, you’ll use the :filtered operator to build your filter. Select the Advanced… filter type and then evaluate if “this date” is “this date rounded down to date”. If they are the same the time components must be zero.

(Note: while I’m a big date nerd, I build my own date manipulation plugins, so I think what I just wrote above is correct, but a bigger Bubble expression nerd like @mikeloc might chime in here with the exact expression. Also, the documentation for :rounded down to is garbage, I am just noticing.)

Thanks for the reply

I’m trying to use the advanced filter to evaluate if “this date” is “this date rounded down to date”, but I’m not sure how to compare each thing’s date to it’s own rounded date

At the moment I try to do the following (stuck on the second step):

  1. search for all things of the assigned_user

  2. filter all things so that their date <> their date:rounded down to day >> How can I get the filtering to evaluate each thing’s date to it’s own rounded date?



Like Keith said, you would need to use an advanced filter (which you can do by selecting the Advanced option at the bottom of the dropdown when you add a constraint to the filter).

There might be multiple ways to configure the advanced filter (or there might not be… it seemed to be proving to be more difficult to do than I anticipated because you can’t just say this date is not this date rounded down to date), but give this a shot and see if you get the desired result.


I did not know the advanced filter. It seems very powerful.

Your idea of extracting the date hour and minute worked! Thanks!

Eventually I took a different approach, to make sure I do not miss any date that had a 0 hours, ans 0 minutes, but more than 0 seconds (which would be pretty rare but I wanted to cover that case as well)

So I used this option:

The logic is this: If a session’s date:rounded down to day is smaller than the session’s date as it is, than the session’s date must be of 00:00:00

Thanks a lot for the help and inspiration @mikeloc and @keith !!

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