HOW TO filter repeating group when a user clicks to a Tag with URL parameter

Hey bubblers,

Im trying to achieve the following:

  1. user is on a post page
  2. user clicks on a certain tag
  3. user is redirected to a tag listing page where the repeating group is supposed to display only posts that have that tag.

I managed to get the URL parameter to the URL but Im struggling with filtering the repeating group on the tag page.

Adding the URL parameter works. Workflow:

But that when Im sending the user to the tag listing page, the repeating group show nothing.

On the Tag Page Im “searching for boxes(boxes are posts in my app)” than I have a constraint “Tag Contains - Get Data from Page URL” and there I have
Parameter “tag” that’s from the URL and Type “Tag” cause that’s my data type.

Result: Empty repeating group.

Can anyone help me ?

Thx again.

Tags are stored as a list of texts or a list of data type in Box?

Tags are a data type, and in the box I have a list of tags as a data type.

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