How to filter RG for entries made during "current week"

Hey All!

So I am building a timesheet page within my app. Essentially I have entries in my DB timestamped. Each entry also has a duration of time that user spend creating that particular entry. So user creates an entry note and it takes 10 minutes for example. The idea being they need to make X amount of entries in the week to meet their hours quota. I want to show the total hours worked relative to the current week as users will want to check this value to see how many more entries they need to make to meet quota. Not sure if that makes sense or not! Ive tried a RG with filtering but not having much luck. Appreciate any help!

RG with filtering should be your best option here – if you’d like some additional resources, please feel free to email us at with some additional info about what you’ve tried and what you’re seeing not work! :slight_smile:

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