How to find an instance of a user-defined data type in a list

I have a user-defined data type ‘Daily’. One of it’s attributes is ‘Date’ whose data-type is date.
daily 1

Every User has a list of ‘Daily’.
daily 2

I have a calendar made using repeating groups. Whenever a cell is clicked and the User does not have a ‘Daily’ for that date, I create a new ‘Daily’ with it’s attribute ‘Date’ set to current cells date. Else, I set the state of a group (where I will display the attributes for the ‘Daily’) to the ‘Daily’ whose ‘Date’ matches the current cells date (the cell that has been clicked).

However, I am having trouble finding the correct instance in the list of ‘Daily’s’ of a user.

Please Help

So you don’t need to do a Search here. You know the User, right? And the User has a daily-list on it that is a list of “08 Dailys” (whatever the hell that is).

So, the expression: User's daily-list is a list of 08 Dailys associated with that User.

Now, how do we get the single 08 Daily that corresponds to Current cell's date (a single date)?

Well, we :filter the list: User's daily-list :filtered

And then in the filter dialog that appears, you’d use the Advanced filter condition with an expression like:

This 08 Daily's date is Current cell's date

This will leave us with a list of 08 Dailys that correspond to the selected date. There should only be one of these, so this will be a 1-item list.

Now, you don’t want a list, you just want the single, scalar item, right? So we simply take :first item:

User's daily-list :filtered :first item

(Note: You may not need to use the Advanced condition. If the filter dialog lets you create the correct filter without it that’s cool. But the basic concept here is take the list of Dailys and filter it such that only the Daily we want is left. And then just access that item.)

Thanks Buddy