How to find out what plugin is using webix on my Bubble app?

@bubble, without having to uninstall plugins one-by-one. How can I determine which plugin, or if this is a Bubble resourse, using webix? It’s being served over non-secure http instead of https.

If you preview your app in safe mode, you can figure out whether this code is still there when plugins aren’t run.

I don’t know how to figure out which plugin though without turning them off. Also, instead of 1 by 1, you could turn off half on the 1st test, then half of the problematic half, etc. Might be quicker.

Thanks @sridharan.s! It’s definitely a third-party plugin that’s using it. Was just hoping there would be an easier way to determine which one is the culprit.

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Soooo, it was a plugin I was personally working on. :slight_smile: The weird part about it is I had uninstalled the plugin some time ago, so I do not understand how Bubble still had parts of it showing. It was only after I uninstalled another plugin that it somehow cleared those references.

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