How to finish a dynamic expression statement?

Please see the attached screenshot and let me know how to eliminate the error because I have tried everything I could think of and Google isn’t helping either.

When you’re editing page location_scout_1, what is the type of content it’s requesting?

Right now, the data you’re sending is True or False. You’re checking if the dropdown’s pre-production value is X. If it is, you’re sending true. If it’s not, you’re sending false.

I am trying to do the following,

When an option from the dropdown matches "Location Scout #1" go to the page location_scout_1.

@thekeybeats2 you were right, I fixed it by changing the state to accept text.

You should add that to the “only when” input then, not in “Data to send”

Okay got it, will do. Thank you.

Weirdly, it’s not working even the expression is correct.

False alarm. It worked when I used 's value

Glad you got it working!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. Even though I am a software engineer, I am new to this no code movement.

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