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How to format integers as Time (Again)

I read a different forum help thread that suggested to use integers to keep track of times. For example:

hh:mm format might be 3:00. Bubble can’t deal with 3:00 unless it’s part of a huge date time string. So the advice in the thread was that everyone just separates hh and mm (3:00) into different integers of hh and mm or 3 and 00.

I have to do a lot of calculations to subtract time to arrive at hours between the entered times, so it’s not bad to separate these.

HOWEVER, I can’t get them to display properly in a text element using dynamic data.

Instead of 3:00, it is displaying as 3:0. How can I force a proper 2 digit time format for the minutes? The “:formatted as” function with integers doesn’t allow you to force a 2 digit display.

What’s the best way to do this?