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How to: generate a list of dates given a start date, end date, and days of the week

Hi Bubblers,

If you’re building an application that involves recurring events or time slots, you may need to generate a list of dates that matches certain days of the week. We’ve put together a resource that will help you do just that. Just copy it into your app and connect it to your data. Shout out to @mishav for the Toolbox plugin, which is heavily used here.

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Thanks for this, it is really helpful and useful, especially for a scheduler app…I have successfully implemented it into my app, however after implementing I tested and couldn’t see Sunday being part of the list of dates.

I then went back to your demo and editor and see the same problem. For some reason when Sunday is selected it doesn’t show a list of dates…all other days of the week work fine ( I’m going to fiddle and try to find a fix…thinking out loud right now, it might be changing Sunday from 7 to 0?)

Yes, just checked…if in the workflow, the Sunday events on checkbox click the item number is changed from 7 to 0 it works correctly…this may be based on a users location or something (I’m in Thailand) and that may changed the recognition of days of week

Another thread that could be helpful for other users looking to create a booking application or a schedule or appointment system could have a look at

The user @DaveA created something that looks really great

Hi this is brilliant!

Could one apply similar logic for a list of times? As in, can a user select recurring hours within a day?


I’m also interested in a good way of doing this.

Hi @stone,

I’ve managed to achieve this after literally two months of trial and error which is really sad, seeing that there are many examples of Bubble apps which have incorporated what we both require. I’ve had people ignore or attempt to charge me for simply asking for some guidance or definitions on things, but more worringly, others using coding terminology to explain to non-coders on a non-coding platform how to achieve something that can be easily explained in a relative way. Anyway, enough of my ranting - I shall release an editor view later today or tomorrow free of charge!


Hi @stone,

Apologies for not doing this within the timeframe I initially estimated, however, I’ve made a post showcasing how to generate a list of times. Hope it helps:

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Hi @jamesbond

Non-coder here. I’ve went through a lot of documentation as well. I am trying to display the selected range of days on a repeating group. Been trying to get this work for about a week now.

Here’s my test app :

I pull data from an API. My goal is when I select dates/range of dates (via modified date), the repeating table should display contacts meeting the this criteria


This should be easy to do using this plugin


Hi @vlad,

It seems the link in your post causes a redirect to a home page. I’m trying to make a calendar-style app that allows for a scrollable list of days (think something like the “schedule” view in the google calendar app). I think this would be a useful reference, but I can’t access it for long enough to use it.


Hey is there any known issues with this plugin not working in re usable elements?

Not to our knowledge

So i’m having issues with it working within a re usable element, I have it working within its own page using the air date picker putting out a range…

It’s throwing an error if your interested

Strangely enough I used the Airdev solution at the start of this thread and the toolbox : ListExpression is also throwing an error - also only on the re usable element

I’m thinking maybe I should Bug Report it

first error is the Timex
Second is the ListExpression

Can you use the plugin and give us a screenshot of the console window?

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Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 1.06.13 pm

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hI @tech1? Did you get feedback for this issue? I’m also interesting, thanks

Hard to remember, I think that it either wouldnt work in a re usable element or that I rebuilt the element and then it did work… Tending towards the latter.
I’ve had a couple issues lately with plugins not working in re usable elements, and this could be co incidence but on 2 occassions I’ve submitted a bug fix, bubble has told me it’s not their issue and I should contact the plugin developer but mysteriously they started working again…

One was the stripe JS plugin which a massively used plugin and it was 100% not the plugins fault… Pretty sure timex was the other one where I was told it wasn’t bubbles issue and I rebuilt the page identical and it worked… So I’d say it’s a bubble issue but whether they will own is doubtful