How to generate an HMAC for Intercom

Has anyone been able to enforce identity verification on Intercom?

To set up identity verification, I need to generate an HMAC on the server for each logged-in user and send it to Intercom.

I think toolbox can generate a server side script but I’m having trouble translating what Intercom suggest I do versus what would need to be implemented in Toolbox.


I use one of the existing Intercom plugin in a project and found the same limitation - I pinged the developer to nicely request they enhance their plugin but got a “no thanks” … :frowning: I made peace with that by considering that users would mostly be authenticated by Bubble and that was good enough in my case.

Also there is no Intercom plugin that lets you customise where you attach the Intercom “go” button. Which seems easy to do but not worth the effort/reward for me to build another intercom plugin … oh well.