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How to generate auto increment unique id based on email id

In database create auto generate increment unique id based on email id

You need to expand on what it is you are trying to do, by definition the email address will be unique and used as an identifier in the user object.

Not clear on what you are trying to accomplish, what format you want the uniqueid etc. etc.

In database I need to create a field called customerID it will generate number series automatically based on the Email ID create by the user, customer ID should increase. No duplicate number should not create in the customer ID field

can any one please give the solution for the above.

By email ID do you mean email address or is this a custom field you’ve created? If you want to increment, your field will ultimately need to be a number so you can use math operators. You might need to keep a separate number only field and then append that to the email ID to create your custom ID. Unless I’m not following…

Ah, I created separate customer id number only field in my user field but I dont know how to append it my email field here i enclose the attached link url. can u give the correct solution for me.

Looks like your app is set to private. Could you set to public so that I can take a look? Settings > General

Ok I will create another sample app in public mode once done get u soon

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