How to generate dynamic JPG from a Data Base

I want to generate several JPG or PNG based on Activities

The user chooses among 20 different activities (Tennis, Restaurant …), define the Date, Hour, Location and I’d like to generate a JPG Flyer for each activity.

Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 17.04.15 Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 17.04.42

How can I do that?

I tried to find an API linked to POSTERMYWALL or any Design / Drawing website doing Flyers… but I haven’t found.

At the moment I create a Group and use a PLUGIN to generate a JPG from a Group (but it is slow and sometimes does not work very well unfortunately). So I tried to create a Data Base with the 80 different Backgrounds, but the Typo and Text and Colors and Positions within the Group needs to be adjusted for each Design… which is very very difficult to maintain.

Any suggestion to generate such Flyers (20 activities x 4 Design = 80 type of flyers) with dynamic Text, Typo, Position and Colors ?

Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions.


I set up 3 entries with different images in a repeating group



This is the way they render without some image processing:

And this is the way with some image processing:


Not sure this could help but thought it may be useful to consider this native functionality :+1:

Thanks for your post. But it is not the problem I’m facing. I want to show INSIDE each image, different fields updated based on the Date and User name for example.

So coming back to your post, I’d like to have the Green billboard with the Date of 12 Dec 2020 for example. The executive man picture with a date of 15 Dec and the corn flakes picture with a Date of 22 Dec.

How to Update some Text, Pictures, Colors … INSIDE a JPG image…

I tried to create Layers on top of each image, but I cannot manage 80 different layers to appear on top of each image category…
I don’t know if you understand what i mean… :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks for your time and post. You are so kind.

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