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How to generate revenue for my pharmacy business?

I own a pharmacy company in the United States and am new to entrepreneurship. I’ve recently launched my own pharmacy company with several of my fellow members, and we’re hoping to increase our income this year. Our major goal is to provide excellent service to as many individuals as possible. For us, getting to the people in the market and capturing their attention is always a challenge.

Is it feasible to increase the earnings from my pharmacy business?

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Everything is possible. Please tell us the details about your business so other can chime in with ideas.

I own a pharmacy company in usa with multiple outlets. Due to a sudden pandemic change my major outlets have been closed because shortage of working people… Iam facing a lot of business loss in past three months. Can you suggest the better pharmacy app developers so that i can manage my business through the app and deliver medications through online.
Thank you

Hi, @nichol1308. Happy to have you here.

I’ve got a friend here in Belgium who owns a pharmacy and she recently put a vending machine outside it. :man_shrugging:

They are now popping up everywhere.

On entrepreneurship, Bubble’s forum leans a bit more technical than business. Might be worthwhile to hang out at - lots of activity, novel business ideas, practical tips, etc…

Alternatively, take a look at’s community.

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I’d be happy to chat with you to see if I can help you figure out where to go from here. If interested in talking please message me.

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Hey Nichol,

In recent years, the pharmacy industry in the United States has experienced tremendous expansion. If you own an independent pharmacy, you may find it challenging to create larger revenue in the early stages. You may easily create revenue after your service is visible to the locals.

However, you’ll need a digital platform to increase sales and reach more people. During this epidemic, an on-demand pharmacy delivery app will be the best option. This will enable you to run your business digitally through a mobile app and reach out to your customers at their doorstep.

According to market research, ePharmacy is predicted to increase at a 13.84 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by the end of 2026. This demonstrates the value of a digital pharmacy store in today’s market. By giving your pharmacy a makeover with an on-demand pharmacy app, you can assure that your business will develop quickly.

If you’re not familiar with on-demand platforms or how to create one for your company. Then contact the market’s professionals like Uplogic Technologies, who will assist you with your company goals.


Hi Nicol,

So I can understand that you have a plan already. You are looking to develop a mobile app of some kind to make your business go online. That’s a smart move. So starting up you need a business plan beforehand.

First off You’ll need a company strategy with thorough plans for monetization tactics, procuring finance, advertising, drug delivery services, and so on, just like any other firm. Every facet of the firm should be included in the plan for the following five to ten years. A business plan should essentially express your company’s vision and ambitions while also serving as a framework for a future financial commitment. If you have planned all these beforehand, you can concentrate fully on your mobile app promotion and marketing without worrying about the loss.

And then To start a pharmacy delivery business, you must first conduct extensive market research. You will be penetrating some segment of the market, regardless of how unique your idea is, and you must study everything there is to know about the competition. How can you launch a drug delivery business that stands out from the crowd and gives customers something special? To win over your potential audience, research your competition, their strengths, and flaws, and create a distinct value proposition.

Hope I made you clear with your question.

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