How to get 1password to work on password field?

I had a designer review my site and their first note was that the 1password shortcut does not work on my Log In popup to automatically fill in their user name and password.

Here’s the site:

I am reading the 1password guidelines. The first item is

Use unique element ids for every field.

Does Bubble handle this automatically? I’m inspecting the element and I don’t see “element ID” anywhere.

You can add element ids to elements

Thanks @johnny. So do I need to manually add an element ID to each of my password fields?

I’m not quite sure about 1password, but was referring to being able to set an element id:

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Hi Nathan, Did you tried this?

I did a small test with no succes.

Hey Mike, I haven’t tried it. I gave up on this issue. I haven’t heard about the problem from anyone else, so it kind of lost priority.

I’ve noticed lately that filling in login data with 1Password is going well again.

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I investigated this a while back. To make them detectable by 1password (or Safari) the id of the input needs to have a unique identifier. That did it for me.


Thanks! I’ll have to get someone with 1password to test my login to find out.

Give me the link and I will take a look.

By the way, the standard that 1password follow is Apple’s. So I’m guessing if you have an Apple device, it should also detect it and suggest a password.

1password dev page
Apple’s password rules developer page

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Oh, thanks! Here’s the site:

I just opened it in Safari on my phone and when I clicked in the Password field it did offer to open LastPass, so that seems like a good sign.

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It works.

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Sweet! Thanks so much Rico.