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How to get a list of Things based on that other things does _not_ exist

I’m trying to get a list (repeating group) to show a list of thing A based on the lack of thing B. Not being an query expert I hit the wall on this one:

Any suggestions welcome! :slight_smile:

You will probably need to do a :filtered to do that.

So do the search, then put a filtered after it.

Sorry for not getting this. Tried that:

But I seem to be coming back to needing to refer the Object thing in the filter, wanting to have an expression like “Object = current_repeating_group_cell.Object” :blush:

It wasn’t immediately obvious what you were trying to check for, otherwise I would have updated the app.

Thanks for trying to understand me @NigelG.

User can be related to thing Object through a link table LinkUserObject. A User can be related to many Objects.

The repeating group MyList will make it possible for the User to get a relation to Objects not already related to. Therefore MyList should list Objects for which there is no thing in the LinkUserObject table linking the User and the Object.

The Object and the User both have a relationship with the thing Group, MyList showing only Objects related to a certain group.

For now handling this through an ugly work around double relationships. :blush:

It is certainly doable in an Advanced filter, as I did it with lists of “friends” before (lists of people who are not already in a friend’s list).

But away from a bubble screen at the moment, will look later.

Probably. A bit above my pay grade for the moment :slight_smile: My work around is manageable, and I want to get it done. Thanks @NigelG.

What if your :filter on the Search for Objects was unique id <> search for LinkObjects’s Object’s unique id, where the LinkObject search has the constraint User = Current User…?

Is this what you’re trying to do? I added this to your example.

YES! Oh, thank you so much @romanmg! :ok_hand:

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