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How to get bubble made app on google play store ? when my plan is hobby?

hie , I am hobby user and want my app on plat store . how can I get then done ? please help . and how can I get APK file of my app?

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I’d suggest taking a look at BDK native services provided by @gaurav. You need to use a service to ‘wrap’ your web app to deploy to any app stores.


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Hello @karnik_a, and welcome to Bubble.

Bubble is not an iOS or Android app. It’s kind of just a web page. You need to design your application (with responsive) in native app format. Then you can use a wrapper to connect and send it to Apple or Google Play.

Here is the link: 10-min-to-build-a-free-ios-android-native-app-with-bubble

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Hi there,

You can convert your bubble app into a APK with as well, it’s a nocode solution.


Okay add me on hangout [email protected]

Hello @JohnMark,
I have one question regarding your post. Should I switch to one of the paid plans in order to set up my app for a mobile device? As far as I understand with the ‘Hobby plan’ I am not able to create a domain. In fact, I don’t want to upload my API into any stores but only to test how it works in mobile environment. Said with other wolds- to make it alive :slight_smile:

Hello @hiphopf

You have to use the json file instead of API workflows not available in your Hobby plan. No need to create domain.

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If you press F12 on your Windows Keyboard, you will see an icon that resembles a phone. That way you can simulate the mobile behavior, just like a real phone.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you @nocodeventure, for this simple but very very useful solution :slight_smile:

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That’s sounds perfect :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to try your solution.
Thank you, @JohnMark

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