How to get data from the nested json

Hi, I’m struggling to get an URL from the nested Json

I want to extract the following URL. I tried every combination from the list (is, is not, contains etc…), but can’t find the option to get the URL. I need help

Is it an error/red text when you just do :first item's image? Because image is the URL. It wouldn’t say image’s URL or anything like that…

I wish bubble stops asking me at here but, when i click 's image, bubble keeps asking me something doesn’t make sense. if things are messy, i will just put into the db and reload it from the db.


Yea just click 's image then click off of it, see if it likes that.

This is assuming the image parameter from your API response and your custom state types match, so both are image, or both are text.

it’s red.


Check at the top right and click where it counts the errors for a longer description of the problem, but

Your custom state is setup as a list, but by doing :first item's image now you’re only getting one image. Change it to :each item's image if you’re trying to receive multiple. Or change your custom state to not a list if you only want one.

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Thank you no more red…!

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