How to get rid of gap between two spaced out groups

Hey everyone, I want to get rid of a a small gap that exists between two groups without actually moving it. I’m afraid it may mess up the layout in the groups, and that’s something I don’t want. Anyone experience something like before or just have any suggestions for me will be perfect!

Without seeing it and knowing you don’t want to move anything, make a group that fits right in between, then make sure it’s not visible on page load (and collapses when not visible)!

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Hey there @s.shaheer.qadri!

Yes, you can follow Airdev’s suggestion or you can also consider playing with the margins in your groups. You can also set conditionals on page margins with the new responsive based on whether certain groups as visible. Use the responsive tab to quickly view how the groups respond under different scenarios!

Hope that helps!

Jordan Loh
Bubble Coach