How to get "search value" from the multi dropdown box

Hey everyone, I have a question about using the Multi Dropdown element. Is it possible to access whatever the text is that’s entered into the input box?

For context, I’m using the Google Places API as my data source which requires search criteria (even if that criteria is a single letter). I was hoping to be able to access the text that users can type into the box which I could then use to make the API call. Is that a possibility?

Here’s a screenshot showing where I’ve pre-loaded the search criteria using “a”. But you can see when I type in something that doesn’t start with a, there are no options available (because the API call was already made with “a” and I can’t access the “ba” to make another call).

I have this working similarly with an input box and a repeating group, but I was hoping to take advantage of the pre-built multi dropdown as I’ll basically be re-creating that.

Thanks for any help!

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