How to go about this

Hi all. I am trying to set this up such that when one of these text letters are clicked (S for Sunday, M for Monday, etc), the box will change color and stay that way until another one is clicked. I have also created seven different groups of dropdowns, one for each day, and would like the corresponding group to be the only one visible when that day’s letter is pressed. I would want only one letter to be able to be “highlighted” or pressed at once, so if I were to click on M it would fill in blue for example, but if I were to click over to T, M would turn white again and the Monday dropdown group would hide, and T would turn blue and the Tuesday dropdown group would show. The screenshot below has the elements I am working with. I was thinking to go about it with either custom states or workflows, however am not quite sure how to go about it and what the most WU efficient route is. If someone could walk me through it it’d be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • create a list with the 7 days of the week.

  • Display: Then a horizontal RG with the days and a vertical RG also with the days.
    **You don’t want 7 separate dropdowns!!

  • Custom state with current day.

  • Conditional Statements: When state = current group’s day change color/highlight horizontal RG and display vertical RG.

  • WFs: for clicking the horizontal RG 2 WFs:
    a) if state != this day → set state to this day
    b) if state = this day → set state to null