How to go to different page based on selected option?


I’m looking to implement this:

Basically, when you press the button under what you are, say an event attendee, it saves that choice, and after you fill our your name + login information, you get redirected to a page based on that choice.

Is this possible?

Yes. The “Enter The World of Events” button should have 6 separate workflows. I’m assuming this button first saves the info and selected choice. That’s the first action. The second action should be to go to the specific page that’s determined by this workflow’s conditional statement. An example of 1 of the 6 workflows is:

“This workflow will run IF the user selected I Attend Events”.

Remember, you’ll have 6 workflows in total. Each workflow will have 2 actions. Saving the info/choice of the user and then going to a new page.

Hope this makes sense.

I’ll try it out and report back. Appreciate your time!

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How would I go about adding it as a conditional statement? There are no workflows attached to those six buttons, should there be? I’m not seeing anything that allows me to select those buttons as an IF statement.

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You create 6 workflows for the “Enter The World of Events” button. Below you’ll see a screenshot of a workflow. The “Only when” section is where you enter your conditional statement. So this workflow runs “Only when”… blah blah blah.

In regards to the 6 option buttons, you should use custom states to temporarily save the value of the selected option on the page.

Hi -

I got that far, but I don’t see the condition that I put in the “Only when” tab. What do I put there? Nothing seems to match what I need.

Create custom states to save the options first.

Will test it out. Appreciate your help!

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