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How to group by Week Number

Hi there

I have data type: Practices and it has fields:

I want to populate this into Repeating Group by grouping the Week No i.e. Week 1 for 4 January 2021 - 10 January 2021) and it will be like this:

Weeks | Total DurationInMinutes
Week 1 - 2021 | 120
Week 2 - 201 | 180

But I’m not be able to do this as :groupby has no week?!?! Any other methods?

Alternatively , I could create an extra field into this date by getting the Week no and insert it.

But I prefer the firs one. Any ideas?


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I am looking for something very similar - did you ever figure out a solution?

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I would think that creating an extra field for week number is the only solution

Did anyone find a solution to this?