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How to Hack Your Own Site 😱

Hey everyone! :wave:

When building your app, you might be thinking; Is my app secure? :scream: Is my app susceptible to a hacking attack? How can I test my own app to see if it’s secure at least on a basic level?

This will include multiple resources on how to secure your own app as well as testing your app using the chrome inspector tool to see if your own data is exposed.

This video will show you how to hack your own website to see what a person with basic technical skills can see. Is your private user data exposed? Check out this video to find out. This is a paid membership video.

NOTE: Please use this information responsibly, we do not encourage hacking other sites besides your own. With great power comes great responsibility. Hacker Code of Ethics, see What is a White Hat Hacker.

How to Hack Your Own Bubble Site

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Hope that helps! :blush:


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Great to see you’re bringing attention to safe bubbling, Jason! There can never be enough voices to advocate keeping user data safe.

But I wouldn’t say things are as scary as you portray! Bubble offers you all the tools to keep your app secure and your user data safe as long as you follow a few simple rules.

And to make things even simpler, we just relaunched our app audit tool. Check it out here:

In case you are not sure how to fix your app or you’re having issues, I can highly recommend Jason’s tutoring services though!


Absolutely @vincent56! :blush:

That’s what I point out in my video. Bubble has all the tools to make sure our apps are secure. We just need to make sure we are implementing them. :+1:

Thanks for posting your tool. I shared your old tool in my video and link to it. I will have to update the link to this one. :blush:


By the way, I share your site with many of my clients. I check my own sites all the time too. I’m probably your biggest fan. :blush:

I checked out the new site too. It has so much more information on it. Really helpful! Those are the things that I’ve been telling my clients about too. I will be sharing this new site with them to show them how to protect themselves using the tools Bubble provides.

How do you provide this service for free? I would think I would have to pay for such an in depth look at my app.

Keep up the awesome work with this as well as Really awesome tools to add to my no-code toolbox! :toolbox:

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Just make the video free :smiley:

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@oiplive :wave:

Thanks for commenting. :+1:

Maybe I can for the next video. I try to do a mix of free and paid videos. It wouldn’t be fair to the ones who bought memberships already if I release it for free now. :blush:

You can check out this video that I released for free about why you shouldn’t use a popup as a paywall or security. Check it out: 🔐 Why a popup is not good for security - with video on how to hack your own site to test it

Thanks for understanding. :blush:

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Thanks @J805 ! I’ll reach out to you in dm about some tutoring opportunities.

It’s free because we do not need to make money on this and we feel that this information should be easily accessible by the users who need it the most.

If you build a consulting around it, I guess its a different story!

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