How to handle a Form that has repeated elements?

Hello everyone, I’ve been wracking my brain for a while trying to solve this one, to the point where I’m thinking I’m just not looking at it from the right point of view.

(Screenshot Below)

I have a form that uses multiple repeated values. In this example it divides into Days of the week, and each day of the week has 4 Search-Boxes that serve to select values.

From the start I’ve have had to duplicate each week day with each of its 4 inputs. Making for 20 inputs between all weekdays. Since I couldn’t find a way around this, I just used “clever naming” and worked with the duplicate code in the Workflow but, as expected, every time I make a change it’s incredibly tedious having to update 20 inputs in the front-end and the work-flows. (Even when I’m only using 2 week days to test it is a bother).

Is there a better way to handle this? Ideally I would use a “Form Array” and get the repeated values by index.

Ideally I would be able to use this list of “WeekDays” to iterate through in the Workflow through Backend-API, I suppose.

I would also need to be able to “iterate” through the 20 inputs when any of them change because some values add an “Extra Costs” to the grand-total at the bottom.

Is there a “Repeating Group-like” workaround for form inputs? Something like this could help.

I’m open to using plugins that extend Form capabilities, but I haven’t identified one that tackles this exact problem.

Thanks in advance for any and all support. This aspect of the project has been the biggest crux during the entire development, and solving it would really help us in all aspects now and in the future.

I would use an RG (repeating group) for this. On form display the ‘day’ records are created, even though they are blank but marked as temporary, this allows you to display them as a list in a workflow.

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Thanks for the response. I managed to get it working by creating a list and then iterating through that list so that I could create the forms. I’m using a separate plugin (RepeatingGroup Tools (Bdk)) to “extract” the data from the RG and it just might work.

I’m currently having troubles getting the data inside the Toolbox Plugin JS in the Workflow, but I’ll run some more tests or implement a workaround.

By all intends and purposes, I managed to solve the original issue with your help.


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