How to handle this situation most efficiently and simple

You have a form that customers use to add “individual” products and services for quotation purposes, and you also let users add “bundles” (an umbrella service that holds a lists of “individual” services within), and you want its “individual” services to be added to the quote so customers can take off the one’s not needed.

Here is my question: when a “bundle” is added, how do i deal with this problem: bubble will have to add a big list of services every single time a “bundle” is added, which takes time and patience to the user.

Is there a more efficient way to do it?

Can you share screenshots of how you’re doing it now?

It seems like, if you are wanting people to see all of the services listed in the bundle individually for each to be removed, that there’s no way around this. A screenshot would definitely help to visualize this

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