How to have a detail page for repeating group

Is it possible to have detail page for an element in a repeating group

For eg. i have a page of job listings with Min detail but when I click that particular job i want to have a specific job detail of that particular job

How is that possible
Please help me

Can I have any contact number to connect

Can any body share any video tutorial which explains this problem

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Yes, it’s possible, and very simple to do…

Have a ‘Job Details’ page with a content type of ‘Job Listing’. Use dynamic content on that page to display whatever information about the Current Page's Job Listing you want to show.

Then on your Job Listings page, in the RG, run a workflow when a particular Job Listing is clicked, to navigate to the Job Details page and send the data for the Current Cell's Job Listing.

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Hi thanks for replying

this what it shows when i start the workflow

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It show current cell’s index I don;t know that I am in the right track
and I don’t know how to complete the condition
pls help me

Assuming your RG has a content type of ‘Jobs’, and the button’s parent group, which has a content type of Jobs, is inheriting the current cell’s Jobs, then just use Parent Group's Jobs as the data to send.

Great thank you sir I have set the workflow as mentioned
Now how will i show the exact same detail of clicked cell in other page
I have created a group and inserted the Text (eg. lets say Company name)
how will I show the exact company name that I clicked from the list

As long as your page is set up with a specific content type (i.e. Job) then all you need to do is refer to the Current Page's Job wherever you want to display dynamic data for the job.

So for the company name you would use something like: Current Page's Job's Company's Company Name

Thank you sir it was very helpful

Last one thing how can I create an employer dashboard
Where I want to show current emplyers posted jobs and the applicants details who has applied for that job

Should I need to create seprate data base
Which all database are required

Thank you

Nee help in this pls :point_up_2:

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